A Touch of Health - Massage Therapy in Mississauga: Polarity therapy, reflexology, relaxation, detoxification, and healing by a registered massage therapist.
Located in Port Credit, Mississauga, Ontario.  Just outside of Toronto. A Touch of Health - Massage Therapy in Mississauga: Reiki, reflexology, relaxation, detoxification, and healing by a registered massage therapist.
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A Touch of Health is located in Port Credit, Mississauga, Ontario - just outside of Toronto. Appointments can be made anytime between: 9am and 8pm, Monday to Saturday. For more information, or to book an appointment call: 905.274.2502.


Registered Massage Therapist (CCMH)
Certified Reflexologist (RAC)
Reiki Master
Lymphatic Drainage (Vodder and Upledger)
Cranial-Sacral (Upledger)
Hot Stone Therapy Certification
Polarity Therapist (Practitioner In Training)

Why I Chose to Become a Massage Therapist

VirginiaPeople sometimes ask why I became a reg’d massage therapist in the first place. The answer is I was amazed at the difference I felt after my introduction to massage.

Dare I admit I was somewhat leery about going in the first place? Or that I originally went in desperation… my chronic low back condition was threatening to severely spasm just before “moving date”. But, rather than relief of any one physical discomfort, it was the overall effect that lingered in my memory.

Not only was my back not “catching” me, but I was relieved of upper back pain I had experienced off and on for two years, despite alternative treatment. Maybe I was growing the “widow’s hump” and they didn’t want to tell me…. I finally decided my upper back ache was part of the ageing process I simply had to “live with”. (Why do we so often say that?)

In fact, I hadn’t even mentioned my upper back pain to the massage therapist. I can’t say how surprised I was to find it “gone” after the first treatment. ‘Mentally’, it was a whole different experience. As I left, I noticed feeling comfortable, lighter, no longer stressed about coping with my upcoming move. Would I ever have tampered with tranquilizers in earlier years had I known about massage? I think not! Ignorance is not always bliss, says Hindsight.

The step from getting massage to giving massage? That’s easy. When you feel as good as I did from receiving it, it’s natural to want to provide it for others once you’re drawn to health care. It’s effective for the whole person; physical, emotional and mental. It’s drug-free and it shows you how you should be feeling. I loved it!

How did I make the move to “energy work”? Another natural outcome, despite denying it for many years. In fact, the journey into working full-time health care began after Reiki initiation.

Energy is always balanced to a degree with massage therapy, but largely without "intent”, as the focus is on effecting tissue. From working in medical settings, dealing with accident victims who could not tolerate deep work, the degree of improvement they sometimes experienced from very light manipulations further opened this area of inquiry for me. The fact that their receptors were heightened enough to recognize these very light movement patterns was ‘food for thought’. The results, as I worked with lighter bodywork forms, lingered in my mind, causing me to question, influencing more study and courses. I’m also a firm believer in continuing to have these therapies on myself. This provides a “first-hand” learning experience to enhance studies.

At some point you realize that “gentle work” will sometimes reap deeper results than heavier physical manipulations. It’s exciting when you see this happen. It sparks the need to learn more about it, to work from a point of knowledge, as much as possible. Of course, it always depends on what the person needs, what they’re ready for, and where they want to go.

Energy work adds another dimension to the physical, enabling us to access root causes and dissipate them, often without the dialogue, when and if we’re ready. But, “keep it simple” is still the best rule. Simply begin with some bodywork to remind your body how it should feel when it’s relaxed and see where it leads you. Most times, it can only be better than where you started from.

Be Well,


Massage therapy by a registered therapist is covered by most extended health care plans. Although some plans require a doctor’s note to activate coverage, a note is not necessary for a treatment.

“Providing natural therapies to relieve stress or pain, and promote overall wellness.”

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