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Which is Deeper… Massage or Polarity Therapy?

On first glance, most would likely say that physical massage is obviously deeper, especially “deep tissue” work.

It’s rather like Magnetic Hill in New Brunswick. I’m one of those that did the round trip three times because I just couldn’t believe it. It really did look like we were going “uphill” with the engine off. I loved it. What a great illusion! We all know that appearances can be deceiving, but how often does it stare you in the face? And that’s how this question is similar to Magnetic Hill.

Now to be fair, I’d say deeper work with tissue is sometimes necessary once distortion has crystallized into tissue. I don’t believe the physical body should be ignored, seeing that it’s largely the crux of in-body experience. And, deep work can also be done gently… gradually, always listening to the tissue response, moving deeper only when the tissue responds and is willing for more depth. But sometimes we don’t listen, not only to verbalization. When that happens, even tissue clams up, tightening against force. Conversely, when depth is performed in compliance with tissue acceptance, the work feels like a relief and is what people often term “a good kind of pain”. How can energy work be that deep and give that kind of relief?

Again, I love that saying… “just as thought precedes action, so does energy precede form”. It probably says it all. If you’ve ever had physical work done which was beyond what the tissue was willing to accept, you would find yourself in considerable pain by that evening, epsom bath or no epsom bath. And where do you go from there? I tried an energy worker. You know that thought…. “what do I have to lose”, etc. In retrospect, having the resulting discomfort alleviated was simply a great way to have it stuck in my face, causing an “about-turn” in my thinking.

The energy workers know the reason it works more deeply is because energy is what creates form, it precedes the conditions we battle, whether in mind or body. When not addressed in the emotional and mental levels, the energy has to go somewhere. That often means lodging in the only thing left, our bodies… shoulders, hips, our knee, whatever. Just as the energy currents within the body reflect our emotional/mental responses to things we experience, each body area also reflects to particular patterns and qualities of energy or “elements” both internally and externally. A simple example is an upset stomach resulting from the fiery stimulation of an angry confrontation. From this view, you can see how chronic pain in your shoulder or knee is eventually mirroring your response or resistance to some other situation. Resistance to what? Well, only you really know that one. And you likely do, at some level. Whether it’s denial, refusal to accept something, resistance against someone or something, past or present…only you know when you’re ready to dust that one off.

That’s another wonderful point about polarity work. You don’t need to “dialogue” it to release it. Yes, if you want to you can. But it isn’t necessary. When you’re ready to release it, polarity therapy helps bring that energy back into a flow that will let you access it, let you take it to whatever level you’re ready to go to. You’re the navigator. Creating energy movement in a congested area often enables you to become aware of the “why”, or simply to dissolve or release. Often the issue calling your awareness, isn’t half as big now as it was when you tucked it away there. Sometimes the issue is no longer the focus at all, and the clearing and enhanced flow of energy will produce the changes you require. With the energy movement and inner changes, conditions that have crystallized into the tissues can be very much alleviated and even removed.

Back to the original question, which goes deeper? Remembering that energy precedes or creates form, we can now see why polarity energy work should be deeper. It goes beyond the tension in the tissue to reach the energy pattern that became distorted to create that tension in the body. Remove that, and that’s what I call “depth”. Of course, at this point, I have to say I feel that massage combined with polarity (or is it polarity combined with massage), just has to be the best!


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