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Virginia Hanspiker, Registered Massage Therapist A Touch of Health - Massage Therapy in Mississauga: Polarity therapy, reflexology, relaxation, detoxification, and healing by a registered massage therapist.
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Walk, Stretch, and Breathe your way to Good Health

The human body simply wasn’t made for sitting all day like most of us now do. We’re designed for movement. Exercise replaces the movements lost by inactivity. Based on a 30-minute daily walk (beginning with a 10-minute warm-up, 30-minutes of continuous walking, and ending with a 5-minute cool-down) studies show benefits ranging from improved body functions to significantly reduced depression and anxiety.

Walking impacts everything from blood sugar and cholesterol levels, weight control, lung function and oxygenation to tissues. This simple activity actually improves everything… from muscles (for those with leg cramps or poor circulation) to organs and let’s not forget - the mind. It relieves depression, anxiety and stress by producing endorphins, the body’s natural tranquilizer. What an easy way to put a smile on your face!

People with health problems need proper guidance to plan an exercise program that suits their individual needs. The idea is to begin gently, and to gradually increase exercise time. For those opting to exercise at home, the best possible solution is to have a Certified Personal Trainer set up a program suitable to your individual needs and body type. Receiving professional instruction about proper form, and which muscle groups to work when, can be paired with complementary nutritional guidance. This kind of guidance assures that you stick with a program until it becomes a habit you enjoy because of the results. You feel good! Check out the various types of training available, as there are a variety of personal trainer courses that have varying methods of focus on how to work muscle groups.

Why stretch? Because it relaxes your mind and tunes up your body. Stretching should be part of your daily life. Another long list of benefits are attached to stretching, ranging from improved circulation, reduced muscle tension, increased flexibility, prevention of injuries from muscle strain, and preparing you for more strenuous activities like running, tennis, cycling or swimming. Stretching helps develop body awareness and loosens the mind’s control of the body.

Your muscles are protected by a mechanism called the stretch reflex. When you stretch the muscle fibers too far (either by bouncing or overstretching), a nerve reflex sends a signal to the muscles to contract in order to prevent injury. Hence, the painful “spasm” when we don’t listen. Stretching, when done correctly, is not painful. Learn to pay attention to your body, because pain is an indication that something is wrong.

Hand in hand with stretch, is breath. Your breathing should be slow, under control and rhythmical when stretching. Yoga and Pilates courses provide an excellent base for both socialization and guidance in stretching and breathwork, providing all the benefits of exercise for the body and calmness for the mind. Meditation then, is just a breath away, so to speak… and is one of the greatest natural healers you can tap into.

“Providing natural therapies to relieve stress or pain, and promote overall wellness.”

© Virginia Hanspiker, 2005

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