A Touch of Health - Massage Therapy in Mississauga: Polarity therapy, reflexology, relaxation, detoxification, and healing by a registered massage therapist.
Virginia Hanspiker, Registered Massage Therapist A Touch of Health - Massage Therapy in Mississauga: Reiki, reflexology, relaxation, detoxification, and healing by a registered massage therapist.
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Massage F.A.Q.

How does massage therapy help?

Therapeutic massage helps restore balance and to bring the body back to a healthier state by triggering the relaxation response. Signs that your optimal level of stress has been exceeded may include chronic muscle tension (especially in the neck and back), anxiety, short temper, forgetful more than usual, insomnia or excessive worry and chronic haste patterns. Living at a prolonged stress response level moves into physical symptoms such as headache, backache, ulcers, colitis, high blood pressure, impaired immune. Massage therapy can assist you in returning your body and mind to a healthier state.

What is massage therapy?

Massage is defined as “manipulation of soft issues of the body to gain a therapeutic response”. Soft tissues include muscles, skin, tendons, ligaments and surrounding connective tissue. “Therapeutic response” means increasing circulation, decreasing stress, improving the movement of joints, decreasing pain and keeping the body tissues healthy.

What should I expect when I come for a massage?

Each massage takes place in a comfortable, hygienic setting. Your first visit consists of you completing a brief health questionnaire to ensure you receive the best care suitable to your needs and health. You are treated respectfully by a registered massage therapist trained extensively in techniques which are adjusted to suit each individual.

How much clothing do I have to remove?

You may remove some or all clothing according to your level of comfort. You are draped with a sheet at all times, except for the body part being worked on. It is possible to treat you through clothing, but this restricts the type of treatment. Your choice and level of comfort will always be respected.

What qualifications are required of a massage therapist?

In Ontario, Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) are required to complete two years of extensive training (2200 hours), which in some provinces, has now expanded into three years. After qualifying at college level examinations to write provincial examinations, they are tested in both written and practical examinations to be licensed at the provincial level under the Regulated Health Practitioners Act. This certification assures quality and compliance under regulatory bodies of health care. Their training allows them to work in a variety of areas, from rehabilitation clinics to medical offices and private health centers according to their preferences and additional courses of study.


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