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Detoxifying Body Wraps

Body Wraps have a variety of health benefits:

  • detoxification
  • enhanced immune system function
  • minerals or vitamins
  • therapeutic essential oils
  • relaxation and rejuvenation of all body systems

The Cold Water Wrap may not sound inviting, but is one of the most powerful and effective wraps for a fast cleansing flush. Often utilized in Europe, the cold water wrap will quickly flush toxins from your system leaving you refreshed and energized. A temporary fatigue may be experienced that evening or the next day, depending on your metabolism, but will be followed by increased energy and vitality.

The Seaweed wrap offers beneficial properties of algae and seaweed which are 10 times more concentrated in revitalizing elements than sea water. The composition of seawater is very similar to that of human plasma. This means the body can readily absorb the natural elements and mineral salts while also experiencing improved blood circulation and removal of impurities. This wrap will cleanse, re-hydrate and tone your skin and is highly effective in alleviating water retention. Rich in iodine, trace elements, amino acids, vitamins A and C.

The Aroma-wrap is a delight to the senses while it pampers and silkens your skin. This wrap leaves your skin feeling replenished and the essential oils that grace this treatment offer therapeutic ability to nourish your body systems and restore an important balance and harmony to your metabolism. The natural healing properties of essential oils (pure non-oily plant essences that contain the concentrated beneficial properties of a plant or herb) are selected according to the health concern you wish to address.

Salt Glow or 'Body Polish' An exfoliation treatment with sea salt and essences helps remove the accumulation of dead skin cells and improves circulation. The salt glow is excellent to invigorate your skin and leave you feeling satiny smooth, or as preparatory work to aid penetration of body wraps. Wonderful for change-of-seasons or for those special occasions when you want to feel at your best.


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